About Kim Rhoney Workshops

Workshops held at my home/studio accommodate 5 - 10 students. The
small size allows me to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and
provide individual instruction in addition to the group lesson.

Workshops include all materials and lunch. You can opt to bring your own
materials. Note that it is much more economical to have me provide
the materials needed unless you are painting regularly and have them
on hand.Link to materials list here.

View a complete list of workshops on Schedulicty. You can view, book and pre-pay for workshops on-line at: www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/KRSP2S/?

Upcoming Workshops 2018 - early 2019

The following workshops will be held in my home/studio located at 18415 Mead Road, Milan MI 48160

Friday, November 30, 9AM - 3PM - Barns & Buildings_ - Bring photos of your favorite old barn. The more raggedy the better. Simple homes and cottages can work well too. The painting knife is a great tool for old buildings.

Saturday, December 1, 10AM - 4PM - Still Life - The still life display will provide a lot of options to challenge all painters. You can choose to tackle a group of the items in the display or focus on just one or two. Floral bouquets, bird nests, pears and other seasonal produce are typical subject matter for this class.

Friday, January 11, 9AM - 3PM - Birch Trees - Every Michigander(and a few from south of the border,) has an affinity for the beauty of Birch bark. Bring your own source photos in print, or on your tablet, and turn that inspiration into something uniquely beautiful. The painting knife is a great tool for sculpting bark and texture.

Friday, February 8, 9AM - 3PM - Flower Power - In the middle of a Michigan winter, painting fresh flowers can be therapeutic. We will paint from fresh cut blooms. You can paint the whole bouquet or pick out a favorite flower or two.

Saturday, February 9, 10AM - 4PM - Loose Landscapes - We are approaching complete abstraction in this class with just enough subject to give you the sense of landscape but plenty of room for experimentation and creative interpretation. This is a great class for students that have some experience painting but wish to develop a looseness in their style. Making interesting strokes and taking liberties with color are the focus of this class.

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Link to materials list here.

About Kim Rhoney Workshops